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Trained as an environmental anthropologist, I am currently working as Lecturer in the School of Sustainability of Arizona State University. I am also affiliated with the Central Arizona - Phoenix Long-Term Ecological Research (CAP LTER) project, where I completed my post-doctoral work. My work at CAP LTER is linked to the Land Fragmentation Study, in which we strive to understand the patterns and processes of land fragmentation occurring under rapid urbanization, their causes (e.g., population dynamics, water provisioning, transportation and institutional factors), and their relationships with ecological functions and services.

My current areas of research focus on the human dimensions of land-use and land-cover change (LULCC), mountain agriculture, climate change, vulnerability/resilience, and the rural-urban interface. Over the past year I have expanded my research focus beyond smallholder agriculture, land-use, and the Himalaya; I have invested more effort into understanding the human modification of lands at the intersection between agriculture and the environment (often the rural-urban gradient), which is an area of growing research interest among ecologists seeking to systematically examine how urbanization affects ecosystem functions and services.

I received my PhD degree from University of Georgia. In my dissertation research, “Smallholders, Mountain Agriculture and Land-cover Change in Lamjung, Nepal,” I analyzed the coupled human-environmental relationships in a mountain landscape through an interdisciplinary, multi-scalar analysis of smallholder agriculture and LULCC. The integration of ethnographic and survey data with remote sensing and GIS was the key component of the research. I studied how the shared cultural knowledge and rules shape agricultural land-use strategies and agro-biodiversity, and what are their relationships with the "exogenous forces," such as, market economy, institutions, deforestation, conflicts, and regional level land-cover change trajectories.To learn more about my research activities, click here